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Aug 23, 2001 09:55 AM

Thalia and ViceVersa

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Anyone eat at either of these ? Any good ?

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  1. we totally dig vice versa go there 4 sure

    1. Had one very nice pre-theatre dinner at Thalia. Nice salad to start, and shared some delicious soft shell crabs (sorry about the lack of detail -- it was a few months ago). Would definitely go back. I'm anxious to try Vice-Versa, though!

      1. Have eaten at Vice Versa a number of times and even had a private party there last year on a sunday afternoon. It has been excellent every time. A cut above any other pre-theatre place and a place to go to even if you're not going to the theatre.

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          thanks. I sorted zagat's in the 50's by highest food and came up with it b/c it's near the theater, but always like to double check. Will post a review tomorrow.

        2. I've been to both. ViceVersa underwhelmed me. It was fine enough, but not so fine that I'd go back.

          Thalia was excellent, but that was when Michael Otsuka was the chef. I haven't been back since he left.

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            Bill Lukashok

            The takeout at Thalia is very good. Fresh, interesting combinations. Good desserts. Highly recommend.