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Aug 22, 2001 10:35 AM

"Old school" Italian cuisine

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Where in Manhattan, preferrably south of 14th street can I find reasonably priced old school Italian food (veal parmagiana, pasta e fagioli, et al)? Is there anything passable in Little Italy?

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  1. In Little Italy... not really. You could always go for the home cooked style foods served at Frank (2nd avenue at 5th) and Max (Avenue B). Il Baggato is always good, but I believe they are closed for until after Labor Day. Bar Pitti on sixth avenue also serves some very good pasta.

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      in little italy try la mela, old style food, family style eating, the food never ends. for what it is, its actually pretty ok food. -in little italy

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        I dig Foccaceria (sp?) on 1st Ave. between -- I think -- 5th + 6th .

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        uptown- is andy's colonial 116 and first ave

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        Eliot Shepard

        I know you said Manhattan, but I should point out that Brooklyn is king for red sauce old-school Italian. Bamonte's (32 Withers St., Williamsburg), and Monte's Venetian, 451 Carroll St., Carroll Gardens) are two quality places just a few stops out.

        1. Nowhere south of 14th St.

          • Gino Italian Cuisine, Lex between 60 and 61. See previous posts on the subject.

          • Patsy's on 56 between Eighth and Broadway

          • Andy's Colonial as a previous poster said

          • Parkside Restaurant in Corona (Corona and 51 Ave) if you're willing to travel

          • Valentino in Yonkers, Bronx River Road just off the Bronx River Parkway north of Woodlawn

          the key: travel


          1. For olde Greenwich Village (its own Little Italy in the not-too-distant past) try the Minetta Tavern, 113 MacDougal St. (bet. Bleecker & W. 3rd Sts. at Minetta Lane), 475-3850.

            It's been there since the 1930s, and the walls are packed with old caricatures and pix of owners with fighters, movie stars, etc.

            My only beef is that the bar now blasts crappy music, tho sometimes it's bearable Italian pop (and if you sit in the dining room you're shielded from it).

            Anyway, they've modernized the menu a bit, but most old style dishes can be found. My favorite linguini & clam sauce -- the clams taste roasty instead of just steamed.