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Aug 21, 2001 12:05 PM

Anyone been to Danzon?

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Has anybody tried the new restaurant from the Zarela people on East 28th called Danzon?
Headed there tonite and would love any suggestions.

Lisa P

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  1. I was at Danzon last thursday night. We started with a michelada at the bar- that's the drink that was written about in last week's NY Times.
    I wasn't in love with the drink, but it was interesting. It might go better with a darker beer, as the Times recommends. The scene at the bar was a bit crowded and loud, but the bartenders were very friendly. It was nice to show up early and relax at the bar before dinner.

    Then we moved upstairs to the dining room. We had a bottle of a mexican red- I don't remember the name, but I think it was the $30 bottle- it was ok.
    Then we shared an appetizer of some sort of fried seafood spring-roll. My friend had the pork, which was marinated in lime. We thought the lime taste was overpowering- I wouldn't recommend it. But I had the grilled tuna which was pretty good. The portions were really large, so sharing an appetizer worked fine.

    We shared some kind of a creme brulee thing for dessert, which we enjoyed.

    The worst part about the meal was the extremely slow service. We waited a really long time for the appetizer and the entrees. And the dining room was pretty noisy, but standard for most nyc restaurants. The food was fairly enjoyable, but not out of this world.

    1. Was there 2 weeks ago.
      It was good but I wasn't overwhelmed. Nothing was bad, but nothing stands out either. Skip the Mexican wine. The seafood tacos were ok. The seafood salad was better. Had the pork entree, in a pumpkin sauce I think - it was good.
      It's in a strange, out of the way location too.

      1. Sorry I am posting this a bit too late to stop you from going but perhaps this will prevent others from making the same mistake. And what a mistake it was.

        We started off with the Micheladas which was our first mistake. I knew we were headed off course when the bartender reached for his squeeze bottle of sugar/lime syrup rather than using fresh lime juice. The resulting drink was so offensive, neither of us who ordered them could drink more then a few sips. We slid the full drinks back to the bartender and ordered a glass of dry white wine (also barely potable) and margarita (which was also unpleasant - very sour and not much flavor). As we pushed away the poorly mixed Micheladas, the bar tender said "You either like the Michelada or you hate it. There is no in between." I responded to the effect that I have had them on previous occasions, and when they are mixed properly I do, in fact, quite like them. Needless to say, he neither apologized nor offered to pick up our second round of drinks even though we expressed our dislike of our first drinks. (Not a huge deal, but fairly off-putting nonetheless).

        On to the food. Guacamole was one of the starters. We should have stopped there - it was the only thing tasty that would come our way for the rest of the night. Their version of queso (with pork and pickled chiles) smelled like rotten eggs and had the consistancy of a rubber bouning ball. The conch had absolutely no flavor and needed a healthy application of salt and pepper just to spark any interest from the table.

        As for the mains, the paella was completely inedible - tasted so strongly of idodine or some such, couldn't face more than a single bite. The shrimp were seasoned with all the salt that had been missing on conch. I hope someone in the kitchen made a seasoning slip up over this one plate. I would hate to think they served the dish to everyone covered in so much salt. The tuna (which was ordered rare) came out so cold and drowned in some sort of overpowering lime and cilantro sauce, it was a complete waste of a decent piece of fish. The pork in pumpkin sauce was the only marginally tasty dish on the table and was voted our favorite, by default (truthfully, at most other restaurants would have been the throw-away dish of the night).

        Needless to say we left every plate about three quarters full, settled the bill as hastily as possible and high tailed it out of there (with thoughts of heading over to McDonalds as we were all still rather hungry).

        Could this have been an off night? Certainly. Perhaps we went a bit too soon after they opened and they are still trying to work some of the kinks out. Either way, it will be a long long time until we go back and it will certainly not be before there is a good long string of postings from chowhounders glowing about how much this place has improved!

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          Thanks Dan
          Wish I read your review before I met my friends for dinner last night. Our experience was almost identical. The house drink was so bad it was almost toxic. Ditto for the white wines by the glass. Our group of four barely ate their entrees. The paella was horrible and the tuna was drowning in some green mystery sauce. There is no way I would go back there.

          Lisa P