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Aug 21, 2001 10:20 AM

Best place to go out for drinks and snacks ?

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I need suggestions for restaurants, bars, or snack bar or lounges where you can just chill out, have some drinks, maybe order some snacks or apetizers. That's all. I don't care about the price, but I do care about the crowd - looking for yuppie places, where the rich people go, and if possible, places with nice view of Manhattan.



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  1. CAFE NOIR -- grand and thompson

    i think they have a website -

    great people watching, fantastic music, and loads of appetizers (tapas style and more) -- the food is a little over priced but the place has great ambience
    order the tapas platter -- a three tiered plate full of good stuff

    the mojitos are among the best in the city

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    1. re: shana

      xando on 74 (i think) and broadway. they have smores!

      1. re: aL

        it's a coffee chain - not fabulous or interesting

        1. re: lh

          I agree completely...You might as well hang out at Starbuck's...hardly yuppie, hardly nice, and where's the view??

    2. how about the bar on top of beekman tower on 49th street or thereabouts (north of the U.N.) and 1st avenue. It's on the NE corner. Nice view and atmosphere.

      1. Josh, are you writing a novel?

        1. try artisanal. Lots of wine and cheese. It's getting amazing reviews, so there should be lots of sophisticated foodies.

          It's not cheap/

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          1. re: Jill

            Artisanal is okay, but it lacks a good combination for
            "snacks". I like to try more than one type of wine and I like a good selection of cheeses. Obviously, artisanal does just fine on the cheese side, but their wine list is lacking, especially their wine by the glass. I found their wines by the bottle to be a bit pricey and their wines by the glss to be way too sweet (probably catering to those who like their wine like they like their grape jam).

            Instead, try I Trulli's Enoteca for wine and cheese. Wonderful selection of wines by the glass and flights and a great selection of cheese, olives and meets to accompany the wine.

            Alternatively, you can try Il Posto Acconto (Il Baggato's enoteca - but they are gone for August. Similar to I Trulli, but with a more rustic atmosphere.