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Aug 20, 2001 03:39 PM

help - need "chef's table/Kitchen table" suggestions for party

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My husband, a foodie and winey(?) is turning 35. And I thought I would have an intimate dinner party for 10 - only Park Avenue's chef's table is booked! I need alternate suggestions. I'd like to spend about $1500 for a party of 10.


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  1. There's a list of restaurants with chef's/in-the-kitchen tables in the much-maligned Zagat. I don't know if any of these are in the $1500 category, but, besides Park Avenue Cafe, they list Alain Ducasse, Beppe, Circo, Le Cirque 2000, One C.P.S. and Smith & Wollensky. For whatever reason, they didn't include Le Bernardin or Jean-Georges, where I believe there are also chef's tables. And there must be more.

    1. Fressen on 14th in the meat packing district has a nice kitchen upstairs for private chefs tables.

      1. what is a "chef's table"????

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          It's a table either in the kitchen or just off the kitchen where you pay lots more than you ordinarily would for the privilege of watching what goes on in a professional kitchen and eating a meal prepared especially for you by the chef de cuisine. Often he/she will schmooze a little with you if the place isn't running at full tilt. They usually seat a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10.

        2. While not a chef's table, I've always wanted to do a private party downstairs at Blue Ribbon Bakery. They have two private rooms downstairs for groups.

          Also, I know that Savoy has private parties in their wonderfully intimate upstairs dining room. You might have to have a few more than 10, though. But it's worth investigating. Again, it's not a chef's table, but in eating there one can't help but feel that they're in someone's private home.

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            Savoy upstairs and BR Bakery downstairs are both great ideas. Very good food and wine at both too. Friendly service.Check out the spaces,talk to the managers.

          2. I believe that Olive's in the W Union Square has a chef's table.