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Aug 20, 2001 12:40 PM

Suggestions for nice date place before Broadway show

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I would appreciate suggestions for a nice date place before Aida (1564 Broadway btwn. 46 and 47th I think).
Ideally, the place would have very good food, interesting atmosphere and, of course, would allow us to get to the show in time (which start at 8 PM). Expensive is ok.

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    The Mad Chowhound

    Esca - A wonderful place to enjoy fish and I think pretty close.

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    1. re: The Mad Chowhound

      Thank you for the suggestion, Mad Chowhound. Warm Regards, Cookbookfan.

    2. I'm inordinately fond of District, a newish place at 130 West 46th Street, between Broadway and Sixth Avenue (212) 485-2999. It's out of harm's way (away from the perpetual crush of tourists), but certainly near the Palace, where AIDA is playing. The chef started First down on First Ave in the East Village, and he's playful and always interesting and frequently outstandingly delicious. Very theatrical d├ęcor. It's probably the most memorable new place in the Theater District right now. I've been twice, and it was even better the second time. They have a special pre-theater $28 three-course menu that they serve from 5:30 to 6:30--in fact, it's pretty much all they serve until 6:30, so if you want to try the somewhat fancier stuff, get a 6:30 reservation and tell them you're seeing a show at 8.

      (For that matter, you should tell the waiter that ANYWHERE you eat that night.)

      Have a great time!

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        Thank you for your suggestion, Tom!

        Kind Regards, Cookbookfan

      2. Second the suggestion about District, an interesting room and a real creative effort in the kitchen. The Muse Hotel, of which it is part is also worth a look for weekend in NYC.

        1. I also heartily recommend the District. Just to let you know that the 3 course dinner is $42 PP, not $28. I posted a report about my dinner there a few weeks ago if you are interested in what they have.