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Aug 17, 2001 01:40 PM


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curious to know what others think of this mostly takeout lunch place on broad next to the NYSE...i must say i've been quite impressed.

you can get in, grab a sandwich, drink and dessert, pay and get out in under 5 minutes.

the ready made sandwiches are, surprisingly enough, usually quite good, esp. the thai chicken. my only complaint re: the sandwiches is too many are w/mayo or mayo-based sauches.

they also have great rosemary potato chips and quite good mini key lime pies.

finally, they have very good iced tea - fresh brewed and unsweetened...a rarity in the area...

i hear this british chain has plans for 40-odd stores in the metro area.

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  1. I just finished eating my PRET sandwich here. I absolutely love the egg salad/smoked salmon combo. It's a livesaver when you work in midtown. They seem to be the Ikea or H&M of take-out places.

    I just wish they had soup at my location!

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    1. re: Minty

      Seems average at best to me. I'm not that interested in speed of delivery though. Plus I think it's pricey and I'd rather go to Quiznos.

      1. re: iron frank

        i tried the new quizno's downtown and it was terrible.

        i got the 'black angus' sirloin sub -- overcooked dry beef w/cheez whiz. no onions or mushrooms, and it had this cloyingly sweet sauce all over it. in fact, i threw 80% of it out.

        would be curious to know which sandwiches are good there...

        1. re: FattailS

          They just opened one of these in London...what is it?!?

          1. re: FattailS

            There's one in downtown Bklyn, where I work, and their claim to fame down here is that after 3 or 3:30, the salads are 2 for 1. They don't look all that impressive, nor do the sandwiches...

            Frankly, there are delis around here that make good sandwiches, why go to a soul-less chain.

            I miss my Brisket House...sniff...weep...weep...

        2. re: Minty

          I agree with you. I love this place and also it's so close to my office on Broad St. I can run in, grab a sandwich or a salad and pay in about five minutes.

          And they claim their food is natural (organic), is that right ?

          Regardless, it taste pretty good, no wonder it's always crowded, those people from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and NYSE just can't have enough of PRET

        3. It's *all* about the key lime pie.

          .Made by "Steve" in Brooklyn, and previously only found at Jordan's Lobster Dock in Sheepshead Bay.