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Aug 9, 2001 11:20 PM

Hells Kitchen - the Restaurant

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Does anyone have anything to say about it?

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  1. Been there twice; unfortunately, both visits were more than a year ago - one right after they opened and one a few weeks later. The first time I remember being extremely happy with the meal and the prices. By my second visit I think they had raised the prices... but the food was still great. I wish I could remember what I had!

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      Are we talking about the same place? I don't think it's been open for a whole year, has it? Or have I just not been paying attention?

      1. re: Hercules

        I think we are - I was there a little over a year ago, right after they had opened. Or it could have been just under a year ago? Regardless: last summer. 49th and 9th or 10th or nearabouts, right? Name of the restaurant is HELL'S KITCHEN, chef used to work at Rocking Horse in Chelsea?

    2. not the best mexican in town, but its clearly worth a try. creative mexican dishes, well seasoned, and most dishes are very good(when it comes to mexican food in new york that is saying a lot.)

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        I like Hell's Kitchen but try Zarela's for great upscale Mexican.