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Aug 8, 2001 01:38 PM

yorkville/carnegie hill mexican??

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can anyone recommend decent mexican in the yorkville/carnegie hill area??? given the proximity to east harlem, i'm surprised i can't find decent mexican...burritoville and maryann's just don't cut it. there is a place on 96th and park simply labeled 'mexican kitchen' which looks interesting...

north of 96 i'm able to find great mex groceries (various chiles, queso fresco etc...)so i'm sure someone around here must cook with it??


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  1. I'm not sure of the name of this tiny place - I *think* it's Sabor Mexico (?). It's on the east side of First Avenue, between 90th and 91st Street. It's the same block that has Pio Pio (the Peruvian chicken place) and Pinocchio (Italian). The food seems fresh and "authentic," but what do I know, never having been to Mexico? Anyway, it's good food at a good price and my husband and I like it a lot.

    Then there's Maz Mescal, on the south side of 86th Street between First and Second Avenues. It's a pretty big place (and has a sidewalk cafe). The food is good - not *great* - but it's more expensive.

    Also, Cilantro, on the east side of Second Avenue between 88th and 89th Streets. I don't love the place, but others do -- it seems pretty popular.

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    1. re: Dena

      thanks for the info. i will check out sabor and report back.

      i second your opinion of cilantro...been there 2x and thought it decent.

      is pio pio the incarnation of el pollo?? my wife and i were crushed when we tried to order el pollo last year and the line was they still make the potatoes in red sauce??

      1. re: Fattails

        Pio Pio isn't El Pollo reincarnate but it's damn good. I would strongly recommend a visit. Sorry - no potatoes in red sauce. But *really* good chicken.

        1. re: Dena

          had it last night.

          chicken -- excellent.
          papas fritas -- very good.
          avocado salad -- the only disappointment. undressed sliced avocado and tomato over shredded iceberg.

          will be eating a lot of that chicken in the future...

          1. re: FattailS

            I'm confused about the salad. Did you eat in or have dinner delivered? When we ate there, the salad had a wonderful garlicky dressing on it. When we had it delivered, it was in a container on the side. Is it possible you missed it?

            But that is truly great chicken, isn't it?

      2. re: Dena

        Cilantro also serves food until 1AM on weekends.

      3. While it is more "southwestern" than Mexican, I always have great meals at Canyon Road- 1st btwn 76-77th.

        1. What about Zocalo on east 82 St.?

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          1. re: Judith

            oh yeah- I forgot about that place. Great Blood Orange Frozen MArgaritas!

            1. re: Judith

              funny you mentioned that place -- i've only been there once and must say it was a disappointment.

              it was about a year ago, so maybe things have changed but i found the menu to be quite southwesty as opposed to mexican. we found the food to be forgettable, although not offensive. as i recall, everything was rather heavy and bland, not at all fresh or spicy. also, the service was wretched.

              however, it might be worth a return trip if others have had positive experiences there.

              i must say it's a nice space, though.

            2. My friend and I came across El Paso Taqueria a few months back and haven't had a bad experience there in the 6 times that we've been back. They've definitely raised their prices a tad since the Times write-up, but it's still pretty cheap. The warm corn tortillas were just as good as the ones I had in Mexico. There's no A/C which is a pain in a time like this, but oh man is the food good. I've included a link below to my previous post on the place...oh, it's on 104th and Lex.


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                thanks for the info. sounds perfect...