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Aug 3, 2001 04:04 PM

Need a recommendation

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Can anyone recommend a good restaurant with an outdoor garden for dinner tomorrow night? The requirements:

1. No asian or indian
2. Something a little out of the ordinary
3. Not so swamped as not to be able to get a table (exclusive of a 2 hour wait) at 9 or 10pm on a Saturday.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Although I've never tried it, every week I pass by a place called Bondi serving Northern (?) Italian on 20th between 5th and 6th with what looks like a perfectly lovely garden in the back. Also, I Trulli on 27th Street has a garden, but I haven't been there in quite some time.

    Not sure about how difficult it would be to get into either place on a Saturday night.

    BTW, passed by 27 Standard, right next door to I Trulli and it looks like they're closed. Used to be fun for drinks and apps. Anyone know what the scoop is?

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    1. re: Cathy F

      I read somewhere that a Danny Meyer barbecue joint is going to move into the 27 Standard space.

    2. Go to is probebly the best outdoor garden in the city at the moment and the food is very good....191 Orchard St.

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        Anil Khullar

        Druids -Irish Pub/restaurant on 51st and 10th.
        Check Central Park, Try Bryant Park Grill -
        You'll get outdoors if that is the main criteria.

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        1. re: Anil Khullar

          How expensive is Druids? Citysearch says that a 3-course meal will be about $40/person without drinks, etc.

        2. Two restaurants with wonderful gardens are Mooza on Orchard Street off East Houston and Miracle Grill on First Avenue between 6th & 7th Street. The food is very good at both and not overpriced. I Trulli has a fabulous garden but it's pricier. I believe Mooza takes reservations but Miracle Grill doesn't.

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          1. re: Ruby

            What type of food does Mooza have?

          2. Look up Va Tutti on Cleveland.