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Aug 3, 2001 02:37 PM

Choices for brunch

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A group of us are planning to have brunch this weekend;
we were thinking of one of the following:

Bridge Cafe
Five Points
Friend of the Farmer
Southwestern NY

Any suggestions, tips etc.? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd avoid F of F, long lines for lazy service and decent country kitsch food. Not that bad but not worth the hassle. From what I've heard 5 points has a very good brunch. Personally my brunch wish list is 5 points, Aquagrill, and Sushi Samba on 7th (for their rooftop garden with live latineque jazz if you're into that sort of thing). That said we had a very nice brunch at Tribeca Grill recently and it was a good value considering what Brunch prices have become.