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Aug 3, 2001 02:32 PM

Uncle Louie G's ice cream in Manhattan

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fyi...wasn't sure whether you guys knew about this, but Uncle Louie G (great ice cream, sorbets, waffles, you name it) has a new location in Manhattan: East 3rd St. @ 1st Ave. on the corner. Haven't tried anything in their Manhattan location yet, but I went to the one in Bklyn a few months ago, and the orange creamsicle was out of this world. Glad they moved in since I was yearning for an old fashioned ice cream parlor nearby!

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  1. That's in Bulgin Waffles right? I walked by today but kept going because I heard that place wasn't any good so I figured the Ice cream would be a waste of calories. Are there any other flavors to keep an eye out for?

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    1. re: iron frank

      There are two great flavors I'm addicted to, but they are not for everyone: Dulce de Leche (SWEET, intense) and Carrot Cake. The latter really tastes EXACTLY like a good carrot cake tossed in a blender and frozen into slightly chunky ice cream. Sounds labor intensive... it's GREAT.

      1. re: Katkins

        Great? Really? I live right across the street, and have tried the ice cream 3 times, and gave up. It tastes really artificial and "cheap" to me. The pistachio was way overly fragrant and the vanilla-based flavors all taste waxy instead of creamy. But that's just my opinion. They give out tastes there so y'all can go in and make a decision for yourself...

        1. re: Lila

          Well, I must say I've never tasted most of the other flavors. That carrot cake gets me every time.

          1. re: Lila

            I agree w/ you. I've patronized the one in Park Slope a couple times, sampling a wide array of flavors, and found most of them overly sweet, with some strange tastes.

            1. re: Lila

              I couldn't agree more. The ice cream at Uncle Louie G's is mediocre at best. The choco peanut butter cruch tasted like pretty run of the mill plain chocolate ice cream and the cookies and cream was exactly as you described - waxy. The worst of it is the service and attitude. Shortly after walking in, a line of at least 10 people formed behind me. Of the three people behind the counter, two were talking on telephones while one guy scooped. To top it all off, right after the guy handed me my ice cream cone, he licked the dripping ice cream off his fingers. Pretty disgusting. Needless to say, I won't be back. Cones, among many others is better.