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Aug 2, 2001 02:13 PM

Grand Sichuan International for veggies?

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If I wanted a vegetarian meal, is it worth trying this place or would I be missing out on what makes it special?

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    Dave Feldman

    There are many wonderful options for vegetarians at GSI, including splendid appetizers.

    Just be aware that some primarily vegetarian dishes come with ground or minced pork. My guess is that the kitchen would be happy to take out the meat, but I've never asked.

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      Michele Cindy

      We eat there or order in at least once per week from GSI. My husband is a vegetarian and we have requested dishes without the meat and they are still tasty. One of my favorite dishes is the peppers with black bean. (My husband hates it...) I also like the spicy tofu (one has meat so just ask not to have any. They also make a general tso's tofu that's decent. I'm not sure if it's on the menu. And don't forget my favorite appetizer, preserved turnip with peanuts in a chili sauce. I would stay away from the vegetable dumplings they tend to be too doughy. Scallion pancakes are a better option although they are not that great, they are ok.

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        The kitchen will gladly take the meat out of any dish in which meat is not one of the primary ingredients and there are plenty of veggies on the menu. When we have dined there with vegetarians (my parents), we have often ordered the signature Spicy Tofu (Ma2 Po3 tofu) and also the Dan4 Dan4 Noodles without meat. I am unsure as to whether they use meat based-stocks in some of the sauces, but if you speak to the manager and make sure that they know it's important to you, they are likely to be accomodating.

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        Michele Cindy

        I don't think so. Like I mentioned before, we order vegetarian dishes from there all of the time. For me it's up the block and it's the best Chinese in my area (Hell's Kitchen). As far as if it is worth coming in for from a far away locale, is hard to answer. If you are looking for good SPICY vegetarian Chinese dishes then this could be the place for you. If you are looking for vegetarian Chinese food maybe there's a better place for you elsewhere. Let us know if you go and what you order.

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          Since I work (for another week) not too far from the Chelsea location, I won't be travelling far. I will post a report when I go. Thanks to all for the feedback - I will bring a list of things to order.

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            One of the my favorite dish there happens to be vegetarian: Sauteed loofa. My vegetarian sister had also enjoyed their Potato w/vinegar sauce, under the section called Mao's Home Cooking.