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Aug 1, 2001 09:16 PM

Where to find a good cheesesteak stromboli?

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Was in Philly last weekend and had a great cheesesteak stromboli at a pizza parlor on South Street. Was wondering if anyone knows where I can find one in NYC. I only see calzones in the NYC pizza places.

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  1. j
    john pressman

    what exactly is a cheesteak stromboli? I am familiar with philly cheesteaks (Pat's), but never heard the term "stromboli" coupled with cheesesteak before.

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    1. re: john pressman

      a regular cheesesteak is on a roll aned a stromboli is more like a calzone, but not exactly. the filling of the stromboli is cheesesteak and onions or other add-ons like mushrooms instead of cheese and pepperoni or some other filling.

      1. re: eva
        Michele Cindy

        What about a good cheese steak in NYC anyone know where to find that? I like the kind with the cheez whiz topping. But I also like the kind made on garlic bread.

        1. re: Michele Cindy

          Fuhgettabowdit! I have never seen stromboli in NYC ever. In fact I have never seen it outside Phila/South Jersey. It think it's a local thing.