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Jul 20, 2001 06:27 PM

La Ripaille--La Repulsive!

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Had an awful lunch today at La Ripaille on Hudson Street between W 12th and Bethune.

First, the lunch menu that was posted out front was not the menu we were given. No problem--I understand if they changed the menu and overlooked it, but we were given menus with identical dishes (save one or two), but with higher prices.

Then, there were the questions we posed to the waitress:
Question #1: What kind of vegetables come in the vegetable plate?
Her response: I don't know. I guess carrots. Peppers. Things like that.
Question #2: What kind of sauce is served on the rigatoni?
Her response: I don't know. It doesn't say on the menu.

I'm not sure why we stayed and ordered--we should have left right there. Next we were served bread that tasted three weeks old--completely stale.

We were the only couple there for a while, then two other couples sat down near us. Our appetizers (gazpacho and the mystery vegetable plate)came after a mild wait but they were actually pretty good. The wait for our entrees, however, was interminable, and when both the other couples' entrees arrived and ours still had not, that was the last straw.

My husband entered the restaurant (we were sitting out front) told the waitress why we were leaving, and paid what we owed right there.

There was no apology offered. No effort to appease us. A potentially nice, lingering lunch outside on a beautiful day spoiled. Bah humbug.

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  1. My husband and I haven't eaten at La Ripaille for years - ever since we were literally driven out of the place by the incredibly nauseating body odor of one of the waiters. We didn't even get as far as ordering dinner - just paid for our drinks and escaped into the fresh air.

    If management was able to discern the stench emanating from this fellow from 10 feet away, and not say, "Hey - go home - take a shower - use deodorant before you wait on people in my restaurant," then management's also not likely to give a damn about the attitude their staff projects either.

    Who needs 'em, no matter how good the food might be, when there are so many other much more pleasant places to spend our dining dollars.