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Jul 19, 2001 05:42 PM

9th Ave. Brunch Suggestions???

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My plea for theater district brunch spots has produced no results, so I'm wondering if a rephrasing in my subject line will work. . . .

Any of you chowhounds have a Sunday brunch recommendation? I'd prefer a place that takes reservations or that otherwise wouldn't have a long wait.

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    Michele Cindy

    I'd check out Chez Madalaine on 43rd and 9th. I'm not 100% sure but I believe they have a brunch.

    1. If my memory serves me correctly, Route 66 (9th btwn 55 & 56) serves brunch that is fairly decent. My roommate and I were fans of their milkshakes. There is also the Renaissance Diner (9th & 52ish) which is a good staple diner. Nothing as "gourmet" as say, Time Cafe or Nikos on the Upper West, but Renaissance has a full menu and it's pretty good. They also deliver- but I don't recommend that with pancakes or french toast-- most of the time mine arrived there cold. Hope that helps.

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        When it first opened, R66 had very fresh juices to go with the B/Fast. In the last year or so it has transmuted to regular brunch stuff. By noon, Julian's which is two blocks south opens to a more creative Brunch place.