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Jul 19, 2001 12:05 PM

First Date on the Upper East Side

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I am looking for an cozy, nice atmosphere sort of place for a first date. Moderately priced. 70s or 80s would be preferable. Suggestions?

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  1. Red Bar on 75th street bet. 1st and 2nd ave is nice. Cozy atmosphere. Spacious tables. Service was very good, attentive and very pro-active waitstaff. He heard us on the phone calling for movie times and warned us which desserts would take a minute or two longer and brought the check asap.
    $25 3 course pre-fixe keeps the tab low. app choice of soup or salad, entree choice of fish of the day and one other item depending on the day of the week. let me know which night you are going and i will let you know what the other entree choice is., choice of 5-6 desserts from the regular menu. it was good, however if you don't select the pre fixe option, prices are a little more than moderate. I went with a friend who had the pre-fixe and I didn't resulting in my bill being double his.

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      I heartily second Eva's recommendation of Red Bar and will chime in with a second choice: Maison, on 77th and 2nd. Very cute French bistro style place that's fairly moderate. I've eaten there five or six times and never been unhappy.

    2. That really depends on what kind of atmosphere you want and what she's like -- will she feel uncomfortable or pressured if you select something too fancy and expensive on a first date, or will she be insulted by something too casual? I met my wife at Cafe Viand diner on 86th and 2nd, when I asked her to pass the salt, please, while she was scarfing down the ''Lumberjack Breakfast'' at the next table. Our first real date was Il Minestrello on 52nd between Fifth and Madison -- which impressed her -- and eventually we ate at a lot of the places on the Upper East Side. Our second date was Googies -- her choice, and that told me a lot. I think a lot of women like Sarabeth's over on Madison. My wife always did. But now we live in Jersey and hardly ever get over that way. Last time we did, we just ate at Wolf's. Cheap but pretty decent prime rib.

      1. Please! Thanks.

        1. le refuge. 82nd b/w lex and park. little country french bistro. transporting.