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Jul 19, 2001 01:23 AM

Krunchers Potato Chips in Manhattan

  • j

anybody know a sure-fire source of Kruncher's chips (preferably all 3 flavors: jalapeno, bbq, and plain) in manhattan?

many thanks

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  1. Jim, I'm not sure if you got my emails re: Krunchers, but it looks like the only way to get them is to order a box. My friends in Manhatten have been looking but can't find them. As I laid out in the email, the interesting thing is that both Wise and Jay's Foods seem to own the product. On the Jay's Food website (, the picture of the bag is the same Krunchers as I remember. In response to an email, Wise sent me an email giving me a direct number to call to order them and also told me that in a few weeks they could be ordered on-line.

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    1. re: Scott K

      sorry, I have a terrifying folder with 1000 unanswered emails that I never ever go near, and I'll bet it's in there. Sorry to have missed your report; it's that I'm overwhelmed, not ungrateful!

      There's actaully one other player with this brand name...Guy's Snacks in Missouri.

      Thing is, I need to get my hands on these ASAP. I'll try calling the various manufacturers one more time.


      1. re: Jim Leff
        Michael Catucci

        Not sure if you're willing to travel but the ShopRite by me in Little Falls, NJ has all you want. A mere 25 minute ride from the lincoln tunnel. Lemme know and I'll post directions/phone number for the store.


        1. re: Michael Catucci

          thanks, mike...I can get the info via

          but let's see if anybody spots 'em closer!