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Jul 19, 2001 12:28 AM

healthy and good??

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I'm looking for a restaurant in the city that serves healthy, non-oily, relatively unfattening food that actually tastes good. Is that too much to ask?! I'm really tired of asking for dishes "without the cheese" or "with the dressing on the side..." I went to Heartbeat once, but I wasn't crazy about it. Any suggestions?

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  1. try Josies, amsterdam and 76 th I believe

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      There is also a new, 2nd, location of Josies at 3rd and 37th.

    2. Try "Other Foods", on 12th st. between Broadway and University. They have many vegetarian options, including a macrobiotic plate, many salads, the tofu and tempeh options, seaweed salads. Before you lose interest, there was rack of lamb (real lamb, not tofu lamb), wild salmon, chilean sea bass with salsa verde, and delicious homemade desserts. It is a small, pretty, candlelit place. When I was there two weeks ago, there was no liquor license, so for now, you can bring your own.

      1. we went to candle cafe (3rd avenue around 75th i think) this past weekend for my veggie sister's birthday. it surpassed every expectation i had for a vegan restaurant. i had the ginger miso stir fry, which i asked for with seitan instead of tofu. it sounds boring but was perfect--bright flavor with fun vegetables, like bright purple chinese eggplant and yellow squash. the desert we shared, an apple rubarb crisp, was the perfect blend of tangy and sweet, and came with a yummy soy topping. if you like fresh produce you'll like this place, but you also have to be kind of into soy.

        1. There's lots of choices--I just posted about Pintaile's Pizza but they offer really good light pizzas--the best in the city I've tried so far, and they have multiple locations, including one at 26 East 91st St. and 124 4th Ave. (near 12th or 13th Sts) and others on the Upper East Side.

          For good vegetarian Chinese go to VP 2 (on W 3rd (the street that all the NYU buildings are on), off of 6th Ave., Tibetan tends to be pretty healthy and my favorite is on E. 9th St., between 3rd and 2nd Ave. (sorry, I can't think of the name, but it's a pretty small block, make sure to have their momos!), Rice at 227 Mott St. (near Prince St) is another good alternative--they serve many different varieties of rice with your choice of a range of light ethnic entrees, Vietnamese food can be pretty healthy--my personal favorite is Saigon Grill at 2381 Broadway (at 87th St), they also have another location at 1700 Second Ave (at 88th St) but Green Bamboo at 100 Mott St is supposed to be pretty good too. Hope that helps.