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Jul 18, 2001 03:54 PM

Gino restaurant

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Jim you had it all wrong. Number 1, the name is Gino not Gino's.2,A place that stays in business in new york for over 55 years has to be doing something right.3,the salad that you should have is the simple house salad.Ive had this salad for over 35 years ,its crisp and includes a good mix of salad greens but no mushrooms.4,you must have ordered the scarpariello off the menu its not part of the regular menu.i agree the dish is bad, the list chicken sautes are great especially the chicken marsala. the chicken ala Gino is abroiled garlic rubbed baby chiken that is great.the ther dishes you might try is the veal and peppers,shrimp scampi,saltamboca broiled fish low prices are pleasant for the east side and i think you will agree $14 for a chicken saute with a vegetable is very fair.the coffee is naples style with the drip pot try again.

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  1. Went to Gino a few months ago and every person in my party thought the food was practically ineadible.

    Lisa P

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      The menu at Gino certainly has many losers. What I'm saying is that they have many better than average dishes if you order correctly.I have listed those dishes, that, over the many years that I have been going to Gino have been more than acceptable. I have been to many upscale and lesser italian places in manhatten,brooklyn and long island .considering the price I think you've got good value,and good food.

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          Perhaps we ordered wrong but each dish at Gino was awful. The eggplant parm was horrible as was my chicken dish served with some kind of vegetables if I recall. I think Tony di Napoli has far better food (scary)than Gino and Parma, which has the same kind of fare is better while certainly not great. I would welcome any suggestions!


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            What to order at Gino:

            -- Chopped salad (I LIKE the day-old taste. Reminds me of day-old salad at the Hofbrau in Austin)

            -- Rigatoni al segreto (or any pasta with this "secret" sauce -- the secret ingredient is unknown, but it may be gin)

            -- Spaghetti with meatballs and sausage (off-menu, but look around the room and see how many people are eating it)

            -- Chicken a la Gino, the simple broiled chicken

            -- Chicken scarpariello on the bone with sausage (off-menu, I can see how people might think it's too oily, but I like it)

            -- Veal cacciatore

            -- Veal chop (at $14.95, the CHEAPEST veal chop in Manhattan! Compared to any other midtown Italian joints, Gino is half the price in general, and on this dish close to one-third the normal midtown price)

            People, the menu is filled with items that nobody has ordered in generations. You have to get into the vibe to go to this place. They're not looking to attract new customers. Go several times, and your service will improve greatly. (Mine is fantastic now.) And order carefully. If you don't like these kinds of rules when dining out, then DON'T GO!

            Oh, and for drinking, just get the cheapest Antinori. It's the only wine that's close to reasonable and guaranteed not to have been damaged by hot storage.


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              curious to try after these postings.

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                Lexington Ave. between 60 and 61 St. Truly old-style decor and clientele (check Jim's review of the place -- he's got the style down even though he hated the food and service).

                No reservations, no credit cards.


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                  I LOVED the service; my problem was with the food.

                  The article Patrick's referring to can be read at link below...look for the April 10 entry.