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Jul 18, 2001 03:07 PM

Favorite dishes in NYC (Long List)

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New Yorkers,

I hope you can share some of your favorite dishes in NYC (primarily Manhattan).

Here's mine :
- Ceviche Sampler (Sushi Samba)
- Sashimi salad and black cod with miso (Nobu)
- Porterhouse for two (Peter Luger)
- Roasted squab appetizer (Terrace in the Sky)
- Black cod simmered in soy sauce (Woo Lae Oak)
- Linguine with clams (Lupa)
- Bucantini Al'Amatri Ciana (Lupa)
- Pearl lobster roll (Pearl Oyster Bar)
- Crackling pork shoulder (Maloney & Porcelli)
- Kangkung with belacan (Nyonya)
- Fried eel backbones (Sushi Yasuda)
- Shao Lung Pao (Joe's Shanghai)
- Sturgeon with sorrell-potato puree (Firebird)
- Tableside-made Guacamole with tortilas (Rosa Mexicano)
- Lamb yuvetsi (Molyvos)
- Steak au poivre (Raoul's)
- Crudo (Esca)
- Crab cake (Sea Grill)
- Dancing Shrimps Appetizers (Red Eye Grill)
- Menage a trois (Strip House)
- Veal tongue (Town)
- Goulash (Danube)
- Beef cheek ravioli with crushed squab liver and black truffles (Babbo)
- Smoked tea duck (Grand Sezchuan International)
- Peking Duck (Maple Garden)
- Oden (Go)
- Steak Frites (Balthazar)
- Marinated skirt steak (La Palapa)
- Tuna Appetizer (Asia de Cuba)
- Tonkatsu (Katsuhama)
- Halo Halo (Elvie's Turo Turo)
- Vietnamese Boullabaise (Indochine)
- Apple Martini (Lotus)
- Lobster tasting-menu (Cello)
- Souffle (Daniel)
- Gyu No Tataki (Sakagura)

Anybody else ?

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  1. not sure this counts since it's a beverage, but:

    hot chocolate @ City Bakery - best I've had outside of Austria


    asparugus with mustard seed @ Tabla Bread Bar

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    1. re: igj

      every thing crusted tuna at Oceana.

    2. - Menage a trois (Strip House)

      Please describe this dish.

      1. sea bass in potato crust w/red wine sauce (Daniel)
        squab stuffed with foie gras & truffle (Daniel)
        peekytoe crab salad (Daniel)
        Any risotto appetizer (Gotham)
        rack of lamb (Gotham)
        Spanish mackerel tartare with caviar (Le Bernardin)
        duck w/tamarind sesame sauce (Vong)
        squid "pasta" (Nobu)
        crab and sea urchin fondue (Gramercy Tavern)
        coconut tapioca (GT)
        chocolate fondant (Le Cirque)
        Filet mignon of tuna (USC)
        Garlic potato chips (USC)
        pulled pork sandwich (Virgil's)

        1. Roast Duck Club -Blue Ribbon
          Prune Amrmagnac Ice Cream - Gascgone

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          1. re: Chris

            The roast rack of pork at Marika

          2. d

            Add to the list:

            sea urchin panna cotta at Picholine
            caesar salad and fried oysters at Pearl Oyster Bar
            foie gras soup dumplings at Annisa