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Jul 18, 2001 01:15 PM

going to Cafe at Jean-Georges tonight!

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I did do a search but only got the main restaurant and to make matters worse I don't know the name of the cafe there--the garden? the terrace? We're going at 8:15 tonight (Wed. 7/18)
In any case, does anybody have any must-haves or don't-haves to tell me about?
I will be going with my parents who are pretty ominverous though Mom tends toward fish and Dad will be eating a bit of a soft diet due to dental work and, me, I just want a martini and some awesome chow! (Plus it's Mom's birthday.)
Thanks to anyone who responds in time!

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  1. Cafe is called Nougatine and Terrace. Had business lunch in the main dining room there when they first opened. I remember having the asparagus, which was just ok. Would definitely not order that again. I had the turbot which was fantastic. Can't remember how it was prepared, but do recall that I had never had that fish before and left thinking, I must try that again it was so good. Didn't have dessert, since no one else ordered it. Hope this helps. Have a great time.

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      4 suggestions for you:

      1. Ask the waiter (very nicely) whether it might be possible for you to look at the regular Jean Georges menu in addition to the cafe menu, and if it might be possible to order a dish or two off of it.

      2. Ask them to send the sommelier over to help you with a wine selection. If you tell him approximately how much you want to spend and what general style of wine you want, he will recommend something perfect. He is very young, but also very gracious and talented. I'd also recommend here too that you ask (very nicely) to see the full JG list in addition to the smaller Nougatine list. It is a pricey list though.

      3. If they let you order from the full Jean Georges menu, I'd recommend someone order as an appetizer his scrambled egg with creme fraiche and caviar. It is served inside of an almost intact eggshell and is not only beautiful to look at, but wonderfully rich.

      4. If you are ordering from the Nougatine (cafe) menu, I recommend you order the slow-baked salmon with mashed potatoes and truffle sauce as an entree. For dessert, it is worth getting the molten Valrhona chocolate cake/fondant/souffle (not sure what they call it). JG was pretty much the first chef to introduce the molten chocolate cake to the US, and it is really excellent.

      Have fun, and please do post a review to let us all know how your dinner was.

      1. re: Martin L
        Jessica Shatan

        Thanks a lot! I will take these suggestions in my pocket with me! As for wine, my parents are very knowledgable but always love to talk with the sommelier did you know I love eggs with creme fraiche and caviar... and any salmon dish just about.
        Thanks for your post, too, Eva.