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Jul 18, 2001 08:58 AM

Grange Hall

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Anyone got the poop on this joint ?

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    I'd search for this on the site, if I were you, because there has been a lot of discussion. Personally, I'm no big fan--too crowded, often doesn't seat you on time for your reservation, and, most damnably, not such great food. I've had overcooked pork chops and undercooked fish, and the service often borders on indifferent. That said, it's festive and affordable, so I haven't relegated it to the "never go there again" category; still, I can't say I'd recommend it.

    1. I'd recommend it. I go there often. I find the cocktails well prepared and I like most of the side dishes(small plates). I've the the Lamb(rack of) and it was tasty. It's basically American/California Cuisine. The have a bean dish( usually green beans with mint and mustard seeds that is great. the Potato pancakes(look more like meatballs are good as well)
      Service is ok, but can be goofy at times.

      1. I keep it as a brunch spot - seems to be what they do best. One clear standout, poached eggs with a mushroom cream sauce over some good bread... something like that. I'd give you further details but it's most often a hung-over brunch spot...