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Jul 17, 2001 12:44 PM

NY Mag's Article on "80 Great Meals Under $20"

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The feature article in the current issue of NY Magazine lists, by category, 80 or so places the authors say you can get a great meal inexpensively.

One of the categories is "Turf (Sans Surf)" which has two listings: Gallagher's Steak House, for their chopped sirloin steak ($16.95), and Tad's, of all places.

I haven't had the chopped sirloin steak at Gallagher's, so I can't really comment, and it's been probably 25 years since I set foot in a Tad's, so, again, I can't comment. However, they missed one of the truly great bargains in this category: the unlisted hamburger (with or without fries) that Peter Luger's serves at lunch. If you order the burger without fries, the charge is $5.95, with fries it's $6.95. One of NY's Great Bargains.

I posted a link to the article below.


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  1. Burgers at Donovan's? Momo at Tibetan Yak? Where have I heard of these places before?

    I guess it's good to give these places some added exposure, if any added customers will help keep them open. I just hope I can still get a seat without having to make reservations now!

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    1. re: Jim D.

      Yes, veeerrry familiar. In fact, the whole issue is a staggering rip off of Time Out's annual Cheap Eats issue, which is usually much better. Don't get me started. I hate NY Magazine....

      Did you read their "expose" on Forum a few weeks back? I thought, finally, here's something that I can sink my teeth into! I always wanted to know what goes on in those workshops. But, as always, I finished the article not knowing much more than when I started reading it. I find their reporting bewilderingly fluffy.

      1. re: Chowbabe

        Yeah, well they were probably tiptoeing around the issue a little bit b/c they were scared of a lawsuit--the Forum tends to be very secretive and don't like media publicity. I actually thought the article was quite good--I only attended the wknd workshop and saw it as being neither here nor there--if you're a strong independent thinker than I wouldn't really recommend it.

      2. re: Jim D.

        Oh yeah. Like the New York Times is totally incapable of coming to the same conclusions as we are.

        1. re: Jason Perlow

          Hi, Jason--The poster is referring to the current "New York" magazine, not the NYTimes magazine section. We found some good ideas from this issue (not everything can be found on Chowhound), but if you read the article, it does appear that several NYC Chowhound finds have been "mined" from the site and tested. Which is fine, it was just an observation.