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Jul 16, 2001 06:52 PM

Japanese beer at Menchanko-Tei?

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I was up by Menchanko-Tei the other day, *and* I've been on a noodle soup kick lately, so I had to stop in for the ramen Jim mentioned--which happily lived up to his review! I also had some Japanese beer that I liked a lot. It was light but fairly bitter (which the waiter warned me about when I ordered it--someone else jumped to attention when I reached for the hot sauce on the table. "It's very hot!" I said, "Good!"). But I can't remember the name of the beer. I think it started with a Y... Does anyone know what it might be? Sorry I can't be more specific. (I guess I'll save my complaints about beer in NY for another board, or at least a different message.)


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    Allie D'Augustine

    I know that "what Jim had for dinner" doesn't count as a review... sorry for the faux pas; I'm still new here. :)


    1. Yebisu. A bit darker and maltier than most Japanese beers, but not too bad. I'm A Sapporo man myself.

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        Yebisu is a Sapporo brewed product (in fact it is their premium product). Another interesting Japanese Beer is Asahi Black, which is more or less a stout. If you like these beers, Sunrise Mart near Cooper Union is a good and fairly inexpensive source.