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Jul 16, 2001 06:18 PM

Best vegetarian places?

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I'd like everybody's input on their favorite places to eat vegetarian food in the city...

This could be a strictly vegetarian restaurant or a vegetarian option at a regular restaurant or even a great place to buy vegetables, health food or organic products.

Thanks for all your help!!!

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  1. My automatic answer to this question is Madras Cafe. I am not a vegetarian and haven't made a practice of searching out vegetarian food specifically, but I consider Madras Cafe to be one of the best values in Manhattan. Such consistently delicious food for under $20 for dinner!

    1. I've only had "phony island corned dog" at Veg-In, Veg-out, a vegetarian diner(2 locations: one on W55 14th street, the other on 3rd ave and 9th street(?)few doors down from St's Alp) It was better than I had ever hoped for and totally satisfied my craving for corned dog.

      1. THALI on greenwich is my favorite vegetarian, and one of my favorite resturants in general. just come in and they will bring you a platter of tiny timbales of tasty indian food. no need to order, it's a set menu! have a mango lassi to drink and you are good. never disappoints.

        1. I know we're not supposed to plug web sites here, but
          since you *did* ask... I'm a vegetarian and have been
          keeping a little log of the eateries I've been to since
          moving to New York a few months ago. It's a bit
          Brooklyn-centric (since that's where I live) and is
          obviously far from exhaustive, but perhaps it'll give
          you some ideas for places you might want to check out.


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            I've noticed you have a tendency to get burritos at taco places. At anyplace called a tacqueria, you should order the tacos. At that California taco place on 7th Ave, for about two dollars less than a burrito, you will get a double corn tortilla filled with just about as much of the flavorful stuff as they give you in the burritos, and much less of the bland and tasteless rice & lettuce. You can top them off with pickled peppers & carrots for extra heat. The tacos there are so superior to their crummy dry-rice stuffed burritos that I can't even believe they come from the same place.

          2. m
            Michael Olivo

            There is this place near Union Square that I like a lot. It's macrobiotic, not strictly vegetarian, so you can bring your omnivorous friends and there will still be healthy food that they will recognize and, therefore, eat. For instance, the last thing I got there was a really good soft-shelled crab in sauce they had as a daily special.

            28 E. 13th Street
            New York, NY