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Jul 13, 2001 02:22 PM

REPORT - Eleven Madison Park

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My husband and I had lunch there yesterday, taking advantage of the Prix Fixe special. I had read good things about it on this board and was really looking forward to it. My overall impression is one of disappointment, although not MAJOR unhappiness.

For the appetizers we had one of each; one cucumber soup, and one penne with tomato cream sauce. Both were good - nice balance of flavors - but not mind-blowing.

The entree choices were mahi mahi or veal. Again, we chose one of each. Hubby had the veal, which was served with delicious smelling sticky rice and green beans, nicely cooked and still crunchy. My mahi mahi was OK... A bit bland actually. And when I came to about half way through my first filet, I realized the fish was under cooked. Practically sushi-like. I called for the waiter, who sent for the manager, who offered to re-cook what was left of it. I wasn't a big fan of that plan, so I sent for a plate of the veal, which they graciously brought with no fuss. It was a tender piece of meat, probably slow-cooked, but the flavors just weren't there. The whole thing sort of left me flat.

Desserts were OK. Sorbet of raspberry and lichee, and creme brulee with cherries (?). The creme brulee tasted like soft cheesecake, and the cherries, though an interesting addition, proved to be a bit distracting. Sorbet was good... probably one of the highlights of the meal.

Service was attentive and friendly, although I don't know why they have to wear those ecru-colored lab coats! Anyone have any clues on that?

Anyway, just thought I'd offer up my opinion... Might be worth another shot (this time for dinner?). I'd love to hear other people's experience.

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  1. Was this the 20.01 Special ? This year I've food lunch specials in many restaurants to be not very exciting.

    With this I mean, the choice of every thing from apps,to desert. My sense is that after of a decade of
    excess that restaurants in NYC saw, they (rest.) are unable to recognise that the expensive power-lunches are not hapening this year. By serving tired lunches they cannot hope the persons to come back and use the prefarations from the regular menu.

    As for the specifics, 11 Madison should probably do good at dinner. The few times we ate at the place, we never were dissappointed.

    1. Your report comes just in time for me--I'm going for the $20.01 on Wednesday. Thanks for posting.

      1. Is Eleven Madison Park affiliated with Tabla, next door?

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          They're both Danny Meyer restaurants, as are Gramercy Tavern, and Union Square Cafe. I've also read that he plans to break ground this month for another, reportedly to be called Blue Smoke. pat

          1. re: Pat Hammond
            Caitlin McGrath

            They're already--since last month--renovating what was 27 Standard on 27th to be Blue Smoke, which is supposed to be barbecue (!).

        2. I don't my experience, prix-fixe lunches have almost nothing to do with the dinner fare--they're usually cooked by the daytime staff--and it's hard to judge a restaurant by the lunch.

          1. the creme brulee is a *creme fraiche* brulée. it is NOT a traditional creme brulee & is not supposed to be one. it is supposed to be cheesecake-like in quality.