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Mar 22, 2002 08:09 AM

Liberty Cafe - lovely lunch

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Somehow, I never got to the Liberty Cafe til yesterday. Stopped in, had their soup of the day. Watercress in chicken broth with a poached egg. Lovely! I wanted to keep eating, but am on Weight Watchers and refrained. Had I not, the torpedo onion ravioli was singing my name. Gracious service for a light-eating single person (had better be, of course, but isn't always). I stopped in at the Cottage Bakery behind the back, smelled fantastic bread, got a hold of myself, and walked away with a delicious biscotti (just perfectly dry but not sheetrock, as so many biscotti are). So nice.

Liberty Cafe is one of those places about which I'd heard lots. "It's terrific!" "Their chicken pot pie is divine." I'd heard from several sources (when I was overdue with my son) that their chicken pot pie would induce labor. I'd heard that it was overrated. I'd heard that it was overrun with cell phoneistos.

Very glad I went there myself and found out that, at least yesterday at lunch, it is a delicious, thoughtful, weight-watching friendly sweet professional neighborhood place. Can't wait to go back.

Liberty Cafe
410 Cortland Ave., (415) 695-8777

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  1. I eat at Liberty at least twice a month, usually at dinner. I am quite surprised that it has developed a reputation for "cellphoneistas" (whatever those are). Over the five-plus years I have been a regular, it remains my favorite Bay Area restaurant. The food is always seasonal and remains fantastic despite its various chef changes. Since Liberty doesn't take reservations, it seems to deter people who are looking more for a scene or reputation than a great meal. If it wouldn't make my wait there longer, I would recommend everybody go to Liberty tonight!