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Jul 9, 2001 03:28 PM

CU area Max's

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The other day I was wandering around morningside and I passed by a small italian rest around amsterdam and 123rd. The menu looked interesting enough, but I was on a cornbread mission that afternoon. An earlier post mentioned that this max's is the newly opened branch of one downtown. Has anyone eaten at the upper upper west side location? thanks

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  1. My boyfriend lives two doors down from the Morningside area Max's. Ever since the owners started renovations on what had been a bodega that burned down, I'd been hoping for a good restaurant in the area. Ate at Max's three times within its first four weeks, and I'm happy to say it's pretty good. Not a destination restaurant, you understand, but a solid neighborhood place.

    I recommend the homemade spaghetti with homemade meat ragu, while my boyfriend happily scarfed down the yummy casserole of lasagna with sprightly tomato sauce and creamy, luxurious bechamel. Decent wine selection, too. I'm looking forward to running down to Max this winter for my osso bucco fix. Only problem is, they haven't reallly adjusted their menu for Summer-in-NYC. Not many of us want to eat heavy pastas during these muggy months.

    1. I went there the other day. I had the fettucine with meat sauce and the grilled calamari. Both were great. The calamari was nicely chared and flavorful (although a bit too chewy) and the meat sauce was fantastic. I liked this better than the spaghetti I had in the downtown location. Definitly a nice addition to the UUWS (upper-upper west side) and a good change of pace from my italian fave, Gennaro's.

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        Fettucini al Sugo Toscano. I'm a Ave. B location guy, but that stuff is the pasta of the gods.