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Mar 21, 2002 04:35 PM

is there any greek food in napa valley?

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just got a message from my brother who is looking to take a friend to experience the whole greek scene, food and all in the napa valley.

i have no idea where there might be something, can anyone help me out?



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  1. If he's willing to drive one valley west to Sonoma County, there's Papa's Taverna on Lakeville Hwy in Petaluma. Several posts about it on the board. Depending on where he's located in napa valley, this might even be closer.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      thanks melanie, i read all the info about papa's but didn't even think of it as i was focusing on napa. i'll pass the info on.

    2. "experience the whole greek scene, food and all in the napa valley."

      - is this a typo? What greek scene in napa?

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      1. re: franklint

        obviously, my mistake! just relaying what i was asked for...

        1. re: Rochelle

          Well, we should still hope there's a hidden gem that someone will fill us in on!

      2. There is a "seafood" place on Trancas at the north end of the town of Napa called Penguins. I once had tarama from there, and was taken there once, and as a result I avoid the place.

        Papa's anjust north of Hwy 37 on Lakeville Rd? has a great feel about it but if I remember correctly their Greek specialties are made with beef. anyone have an update?