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Jul 9, 2001 12:42 AM

Vegetarian at Danube?

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I'm a vegetarian and interested in going to Danube. I was wondering if any vegetarians have dined there, and are willing to share their experience. Were there options on the menu or did they prepare something off the menu? (or did they just combine the sides of the meat entres?) Any imput appreciated!

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  1. I often dine there with a "fishatarian". We always do the tasing menu and when one of the courses does not contain a veg. or sea option they are very good about substitutions. If you do not eat seafood I would definately call ahead and ask. It is a supurb restaurant (one of my all time favorites) and I'm sure they will be very accomidating.

    1. Went there over a year ago with my wife who is a vegetarian. She told the waiter this and asked what he suggested - he said the kitchen would come up with something. Did they ever! They put together an impromptu vegetarian tasing menu for her - about 5 mini courses. I was not having a tasting menu myself (had beef cheeks - which were quite good) and was soon jealous at the parade of delicous plates that arrived before her. It was very good and very unexpected.