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Jul 5, 2001 11:20 PM

New York's gourmet food stores

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Can anyone give us some suggestions for great gourmet food stores? We are coming from out of town and would like to visit some new stores. We have done the Dean & Deluca and Balducci thing quite a few times and are looking for a new experience. Has "Fauchons" opened yet? All suggestions welcomed!

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  1. for all-in-one food markets...

    Zabars (best for quality, and best for prices) 80th and b'way.

    Citarella (best for quality, tad bit expensive) at 75th street and 3rd ave; 75th and b'way.
    the one at radio city hasn't opened yet.

    Eli's (son of zabar's) at 80th and 3rd ave. and the original at 91st bet 1st and york ave. My review at

    Gourmet Garage (at various locations) one at 86th st and b'way; one downtown near dean and deluca one block west from b'way, at spring (or broome?) crosstreet.

    I would also recommend the Chelsea Market at 15th street and 9th ave. This is the old National Biscuit Co. (Nabisco) factory turned gourmet themepark.

    Also visit the greenmarket at Union Square, and perhaps pitstop at Fairway, at 75th and b'way nextdoor to Citarella.

    there's a mini food hall at Grand Central Station.

    Grace's (two or three locations, nvr shopped here
    )Garden of Eden (expensive, stick with Zabars)
    Whole Foods Market (the texas based organic supermarket, expensive).

    basically, to maximize your time, the three or four big gourmet stores are all on the upper west side. Fairway, Citarella, Zabars, and Gourmet Garage.


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      sorry need to clarify some things.

      The gourmet garage is not worth the visit if you are just looking, it looks like a supermarket.

      zabars is certainly worth a visit.

      The chelsea market is certainly worth a visit for its small vendors of high quality foodstuffs, e.g., ronnybrook ice cream, eleni's cookies, amy's bread, sarabeth's jams, buon italia.

      the greenmarket at union square is certainly worth a visit for its fresh produce.



    2. I'd recommend Kalustyan's. If what you're used to is Dean & De Luca and so forth, Kalustyan's will certainly be a new experience, and it is a gourmet store. Lexington, just north of 27th St. I believe.

      1. Read the article in the June 27 New York Times,"Natural Food is Big, and Sometimes Even Natural"....generally about organic food, but lists some interesting stores. My favorite since it opened this past winter is Whole Foods at 7th and 24th.

        1. I second Sooth in saying definately the Chelsea Market and add, if you love cheese, a trip to Murray's Cheese Shop in the West Village.

          1. Don't go to Dean & DeLuca! I ordered a basket to be delivered to someone for Christmas, and they never delivered it. When I called the Prince St. store, everyone just kept putting me on hold. This went on for over 30 minutes. Not only have they ruined the gift I was sending, I can't get my money back.
            They are a disgrace.