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Jul 5, 2001 11:53 AM

Need a restaurant with a cheese assortment

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Have a friend coming in from out of town who loves cheese. However, can I find a restaurant in the city for a good cheese experience without spending big bucks?

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  1. Don't know of a cheese restaurant but Murray's Cheese Shop on Bleecker St. has a great assortment. The employees are really friendly too, and offer generous samples.

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      George Lynch

      Let me suggest Artisanal, on 32nd Street between Park Avenue South and Madison. If you do a search on "Artisanal" on this board, you should find at least one thread that discusses this place.

      A friend had dinner with my wife and me at Artisanal on Tuesday evening, and we thought the place was great. It's possible to spend a LOT of money there, but you can also keep the cost down. A plate of six cheeses is around $21, and it comes with a large assortment of bread. Add a wine and/or sparkling water, and the price goes up, but all the wines are available by the glass, so you can keep the cost down by limiting your wine intake. They do charge extra for fruit ($6 a serving, I think), but even so you can have a great time at reasonable cost.

      A very nice selection of cheeses is also available at Gramercy Tavern in the tavern area, which does not take reservations. If you and your friend can snag a table or a seat at the bar, you can order a selection of cheeses accompanied by a glass of wine, again keeping the price down.

      Good luck...

      1. No question - Artisinal is the place to go.
        Have been there twice and have tasted in the range of 20 cheeses. The flights of wine and cheese matched quite well (go for the amerikan with an amazing Gruyere).

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          Thanks to everybody for their reccomendation. I went to Arisanal on Saturday night and we both loved it. We had the Classic Swiss fondue which was ok, but the selection of 6 cheeses and the wine were great. I look forward to going back to try more.