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Jun 27, 2001 10:09 AM

Need east/greenwich village place for good pancakes/french toast w/ parents

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My parents are coming up to visit this weekend, and both love a good, hearty breakfast with well made buttermilk pancakes or challah french toast that is still reasonably priced. We don't want a brunch, but a place that stil offers their normal breakfast menu on weekends. So far, the places I've found have been Cafe Veselka (for pancakes), Kiev/Zoo (for f toast) and Teresa's (for pancakes).

Any comments on how these three restaurants for breakfast pancakes/f toast rate would be greatly appreciated, along with any other suggested places. Thanks!

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  1. The raspberry pancakes @ Veselka are excellent. For great French toast (and great atmosphere), try Flea Market Cafe on Ave. A b/t 8th & 9th).

    1. I believe I already commented when you posted about this before. The pancakes at Teresa's are very nice, but don't overlook their babka French toast, which is like having dessert for breakfast! Teresa's does have weekend brunch specials (the babka French toast is one of them, as are ricotta pancakes and some other stuff), but they also serve their regular menu on weekends.