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Jun 25, 2001 12:39 PM


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Has anyone eaten at this supposed cheese heaven? Any comments?

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  1. Based on one lunch and nothing more, this could be my favorite new restaurant in NY. Just made reservations to return next week. The odor of cheese inside the place is unbelievable - i loved it!

    My meal consisted of an excellent (albeit a little sweet) french onion soup, Stilton and Sautern fondue accompanied with date bread for dipping and the absolute best cheese steak ever created (they actually pour one of the fondues on it - Ive forgotten the cheese's name).

    My only regret is that I went with only one other person. There was so much that I wanted try.

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      I love Artisanal, after one false start with the "waiterfromhell". I went back and had a great time. Apart from the fabulous and huge cheese selection, the food is good - we had Dover Sole - big portion, and Cod - both excellent. Fries in the cup - always good. Steak - I had the Filet Mignon - good, but not the Palm (why would it be!), assorted aps - good, and the house fondue - I could barely move!
      Wine selection is terrific - even by the glass. I would recommend in a second. GO GO.

    2. It's very good, but not the be-all and end-all. When I go back I'll probably stick to the cheese (the selection is great -- make sure to go up to the cheese counter and taste and pick out the ones you want) and wine. Again, the cooked food is good, but nothing fabulous.

      Also, the place reeks of cheese, so don't go with any cheese-o-phobes.

      1. It's paradise for cheese lovers. I've heard only heard complaints from people who go and don't order anything having to do with cheese.

        Their cheesecake is one of the most outstanding desserts I have ever eaten.