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Jun 25, 2001 10:19 AM

Orsay- a nice surprise

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HAd a spur of the moment dinner Friday night at Orsay at 75th and Lex.

No reservation, showed up early- about 6:30 and got a great table for 2 on the patio. Generally, I don't like sidewalk tables, but this was a foot above the sidewalk with a little fence and greenery, so we could see everyone walking by, but they were not on top of us. Very pleasant environment.

food was top notch. My friend and I had steak frites, with a nice green salad to start.

Salad was a great mix of greens, on top of tomatoes with some sweeet corn and a vinagrette with truffle oil.

Steaks were perfectly done medium with wonderfully crisp frites with a side of bernaise sauce.

Desserts were not the high point with an average tarte tatin shared by us, but passable.

I recommend a visit.

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  1. I had a pretty good dinner at Orsay as well. My one gripe was that they would not let me get two appetizers and insisted that I order an entree. Two apps would have been the same price as an entree.

    Glad you enjoyed.....

    Lisa P

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    1. re: Lisa P

      OK, I'm naive--is it a common practice to refuse to sell a customer two apps instead of an entree, especially when the money involved is the same (and even if there's a few bucks' difference)?

      Sounds to me like a bad business practice--(One of my friends always goes the app route, with no problem.) Is this dependent on how crowded the restaurant is, what the total bill would come to, or "house rules?" Someone in the industry please enlighten me!

      1. re: Loeb
        Judith Hancock

        I live on the upper east side and have wanted to try Orsay but for a constant dieter (which I am), this insistence on entree instead of two appetizers is a real turnoff.

      2. re: Lisa P

        Wow- didn't know that! That would bother me as I order appys a lot. However, for steak frites- they are the best I have had.