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Jun 23, 2001 12:49 PM

Mooza....new restaurant

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I have been to Mooza last nite, a new restaurant down on 191 Orchard St. I had great time and the food is first class. The interior is very well design with flocked red damasque wall covering and leopard and the outdoor back garden is the most beatiful with a stone and bronze water fountain. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Link: http://aolsvc.digitalcity.com/newyork...

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  1. I agree, only drawback is, only beer and wine thus far. great spot

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      But how's the food?

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        The food is so-so to fine, and it's a little overpriced considering. The desserts needed help.

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        food is good, not chowhound great, butgood

      3. I dined at Mooza on Saturday evening. Overall, the experience was ok, but Im not rushing back. The best feature of the place is without a doubt their outdoor garden - really pretty. Another bonus is their kitchen is open until 4am from Thu-Sat. We dined indoors because of the weather. The staff is very nice. The service and food were spotty.

        I started with a bowl of mussels in a white wine broth topped with a few super fresh and crispy fried rock shrimp. The mussels were fishy and the broth was bland. I also split a decent avocado and tomato salad. For an entree, I had a whole baked branzini that was very good (hands down the best dish I tried at Mooza). It was split in the middle and filled with sprigs of thyme, rosemary, parsley and garlic. All the entrees except my fish are under $20 (Whole fish was printed at $22 on menu but ended up being $25 on our check). Oh yea, the mashed potato side is exceptional. I tasted a few other dishes ordered by my table - definite lack of flavor to most everything.

        During our meal, the chef spent a lot of time in the dining room speaking with various members of the staff. Its obvious and to be expected they are still working out the kinks. Maybe things would have been different if he'd been inside the kitchen cooking our meals? Overall, I was underwhelmed with the food but would be happy to give it another try sometime in the future.