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Jun 22, 2001 03:43 PM

Anyone been to the Met Trustees Dining Room for Sunday brunch?

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Will be going next Sunday and was wondering whether anyone has been. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I haven't eaten brunch there, but I eat there every so often on weekdays(I work in the museum...), and I've had Saturday lunch. The food is top-notch, unfailingly good, and the service is wonderful. Everyone I know that's had brunch in the TDR says it's great. And what a view!

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    1. re: Ping

      Thanks for the info. Didn't know there was a great view also. Does that mean I should try and get a window table? I have to admit I'm surprised that the food is great, only because the cafeteria is not so great when compared with other museums' food offerings. Again thanks for the input.

      1. re: eva

        Oh, I would definitely get a window table if you can. It's a gorgeous Central Park view.

        And I recommend the Maryland crabcakes. There were the best I've ever had outside the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

    2. Yes, and I love it. Beautiful understated spacious room (i.e. no table six inches away. All tables are for at least four and very spread out). I had dinner there a few weeks ago, and brunch yesterday. The brunch is three courses - $35 prix fixe. Get the peeky toe crab starter - it's amazing! We've had the halibut entree also and it's delicious. Windows are floor to ceiling, so even in the middle of the room you get the full view. Service is very professional and helpful. Have a great time!

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      1. re: donna

        Thanks so much for the info. Have you by any chance been there for Saturday brunch? Our plans just changed and Sunday brunch has turned into Saturday lunch.

        1. re: eva

          No, but it seemed that at least a few items were on both the brunch and dinner menu. The peeky toe crab is on both, as is the halibut. I highly recommend those for either meal. I forgot to tell you, (very important) desserts are delicious! We had fresh berry tart with vanilla ice cream and an apple tart.

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            Thanks very much for the info and we will both be sure to both order dessert and share.

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        Judith Hancock

        Haven't been there for quite a while but as I recall they were a smoking restautant - this is because fell into the club category, rather than restaurant category so smoking laws did not apply - have no idea if this is still the case