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Jun 22, 2001 12:32 PM

Cheap eats in the West Village

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Any suggestions for good cheap eats in the West Village (actually west of Laguardia Pl.)?

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    Caitlin Wheeler

    Try Simply Caribbean on Sullivan St. (bet 3rd and Bleecker) for curry chicken patties and other Carribbean delights. Mamoun's on MacDougal has great falafel. I go regularly to Turkish Grill on Bleecker (w of MacDougal) for kofte, good taramasalata and excellent french fries. That's all takeout, where you can get a substantial meal for $5-7. Do you want more restauranty places?

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      Thanks. Actually looking for sit down places-approx $30-40 for two people.

      1. re: samplesale

        I'm a big fan of Petite Abeille on Hudson, just above Barrow. Good farmhouse Belgian food (okay, I've never been to a Belgian farmhouse, but I imagine it might be similar), plus good moule frites, a nice selection of Belgian beers and a serviceable selection of wines. Forty bucks should cover it; less if one of you gets the special of the day.

        Also Malatesta, a groovy (yes, the word really applies) trattoria on Christopher and Washington. The place is really Italian, in the hip, youth culture, out-of-the-way, Roman meatpacking district sort of manner. Good pastas, piadini, and main dishes, cheap wine, and a fun attitude.

        For basic grub, try the Tavern on Jane at 8th Ave and Jane. The kitchen isn't bad (had very good fish and chips there a month ago) and there's a good bar.