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Jun 22, 2001 11:31 AM

Exquisite Vegetarian?

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Looking for an absolutely lovely spot for a birthday dinner... a large selection of veggie entrees is key. (no meat or fish... eggs n' dairy are fine)

Suggestions, dear chowhounds???

Many thanks!

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  1. Hangawi, vegetarian Korean in a somewhat otherworldly setting. There are three different prix-fixe menus, so you don't have to stress about which unfamiliar items to order.

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      We, too, highly recommend Hangawi. The word for both the food and the atmosphere is sublime. We always get the Emperor's meal, which is like a smorgasbord of artistically presented treats you probably never had before. (When I first contemplated eating vegetarian Korean, I wasn't too excited. Guess that's cause I couldn't imagine what it was all about. But this place really opened my eyes.) Enjoy your celebratory meal~

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        Sounds good where is it?

    2. Have you looked into Vatan? It's a vegetarian Indian restaurant. $19 per person(doesn't include beverage) all you can eat, but not buffet style. They will keep bringing you food if you want more. Colorful decor. Fun and varied seating. Great for celebrations.

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        I wouldn't really say that Vatan is "exquisite." It's more in the okay to good category, with the odd dish occasionally rising above that. The decor is definitely fun, though.

        In the Indian category, I'd recommend Madras Mahal (Lex between 28 and 27), but I don't recommend any of the theme meals. I'm a big fan of the utthappam with all the veggies (such sweet onions), the masala dosa and the spicy lassi.

        I do like Hangawi. It's so serene it feels almost like a spa, and the food is very good. The set meals offer the opportunity to have an elaborate, multi-course meal and try lots of different things at a good price. And the "cloudy" sake is great.

      2. I think that Madras Cafe fits the description of "exquisite." For what it's worth, it was one of the few restaurants I rated a 3 on Zagat's 0-3 scale for this year's survey. It's an authentic South Indian restaurant owned by the chef. Stick to South Indian dishes (e.g. the Madras Thali, utthapams, masala dosas) - not because the other dishes won't be delicious, but because South Indian food is their specialty.

        1. Zen Palette is the best vegetarian restaurant I've ever been to. Not the one on the UWS, but either Ninth Ave or Union Square Cafe. Don't miss the dish called "Dreamland". Exquisite!