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Jun 21, 2001 11:06 AM

Bond Street and Blue Ribbon

  • j

I am going for dinner at Bond Street this Friday and Blue Ribbon on Saturday. Could someone out there please give me recommendations on what to order ?

Thank you

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  1. I'm guessing it's Blue Ribbon Sushi you're asking about based upon the Bond Street mention? If so both the
    pressed Eel Sushi with advocado and the spicy lobster
    rolls are excellent.


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    1. re: iron frank

      If it is Blue Ribbon Sushi, lucky you. Be sure to try the arctic char (similar to salmon, but even silkier texture) and the Blue Ribbon Roll (lobster with caviar on top).

      1. re: mary mary

        You have to get the sea bass skewer appetizer at Bond Street. It is unbelievable. If you are a saki fan, they have a fantastic selection. Make sure to catch a cocktail in the lounge downstairs. That is the best part.

    2. c
      Charles Smith

      Not a bad weekend! For Blue Ribbon,
      If you're four or more, I would look at the blue ribbon platter- they have omakase, but this is really better than that there, as they don't do the dishes one at a time. They also get bluefin tuna and white salmon, both are excellent-