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Jun 21, 2001 10:34 AM

75th & B'way eats

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Any suggestions for inexpensive meals (<$20) around the 75th & B'way area?


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  1. These are relatively uninspired choices, but inexpensive and within a couple of blocks of your request:

    Gabriela's (Mexican), 75th and Am.
    Upstairs at Fairway, 74th and Bway
    Bennies (Middle Eastern), 74th and Am.
    River (Vietnamese), 76th and Am.

    Though not a meal, the bakery Levain, on 74th between Am. and Col., has awesome cookies.

    If you're willing to travel north another few blocks, you'll find some better places, some of which are more expensive, some not: Rain, Calle Ocho, Avenue, Gennaro, Sipan, Ruby Foo's, Neo.

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      Brian Wickham

      I have to disagree on Gabriella's at 75 Street. We ate there last week - I had the chicken fajitas and they tasted like fajitas from a chain restaurant in a mall. They charge $18.95 for this? I probably could have done better at an Appleby's.

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        hmm, this type of review for gabriela's seems to be a familiar theme on the chowhound board. i recently went there with a friend of mine. she grew up in mexico, and was impressed with the food at gabriela's. if (I F) you, as well as those who were unhappy with their tex mex meals, should go there again, try the actual mexican food - for which gabriela's is named. in particular, try the cactus, aka "cacti". i hope you will like it.

        1. re: Brian Wickham

          Two notes about Gabriela's.

          1) IMHO, the uptown branch (93rd or 94th and Amst.) is better.

          2) Chicken fajitas is exactly the wrong thing to order at either of them. I think they stuck a few of these dishes on the menu for people who don't want to eat Mexican food, but are stuck at the restaurant. Try one of the dishes that you either haven't heard of or don't hear of often. (e.g., Pozole; Lengua a la Veracruzana; Ensalada de Nopales).

      2. Try Le Caridad.....very inexpensive cuban and in or takeout..not much on atmosphere and the waiters are rude but the food is good.

        1. I can safely tell you where Not-to-Go: Ernie's. Used to be good years ago for a big bowl of pasta but it's gone way downhill. I tried it last month; never again.

          1. b
            Brian Wickham

            Has anyone tried Westside Brewing Co. at Amsterdam and 76 Street? We passed by and the place seems to be doing a good business. Just wondering if it's a good place for a burger & beer.

            1. Thanks to all those who replied. We ended up eating @ Niko's, which is a Mediterranean restaurant on 75th & B'way. Service was a bit slow. Although they have an extensive menu, look on the board for any recommended specials. When I was there, they ran out of pasta, so have back-up menu choices. I highly recommend the calamari as appetizer, enough crunch on the outside and chewiness on the inside. One of my friends got the octopus, which was quite delectable and for the main meal we got the lamb kebob w/ grilled veggies on a skewer with a side of rice pilaf. Lamb kebob was a bit overdone but edible. Don't sit in the back underneath the air conditioner since there was water dripping from the a/c. But I couldn't move since the space was tight and no other tables were available.