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Jun 19, 2001 03:30 PM

More Sweet-N-Tart confusion

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I just went to SNT and had a great meal, but was a little confused. We went downstairs to this small room and the menu was very limited. Mostly health drinks which seemed great (didn't have any) noodles, soups and some small dishes. Were we missing something? Is there another room?

BTW, we had lo mein with watercress dumplings and it was fabulous. The noodles thin and al dente with a light flavoring of ginger and scallion. The dumplings (watercress, shrimp and prok I think) were delicious. Also enjoyed the steamed pork dumplings.

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  1. There are both the Sweet-n-Tart Cafe at 76 Mott, and the Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant at 20 Mott. I seem to recall that the restaurant has multi levels, and a more extensive menu.