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Jun 19, 2001 10:50 AM

100% NYC Chowhound Visit

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I'm coming into NYC this weekend to play culinary catch-up. The trip is purely to follow up on recent recommendations found on this board. Here are some notes I've taken in the last 6 months, which I need to clean up in order to maximize a short stay. Please keep in mind I'm looking to keep it simple. I've done most of the high end places so I want to keep it basic. For that reason, the Bangladesh food cart on 45th and 6th will be my first stop.

Bahn Mi (Veitnamese sandwich) I never heard of it. But it has rec'd more ink that any other food item. I need one place for the best one and maybe a little more detail on how to order and what to expect.

Burrito's - Again alot of passion on this one. I never realized they were worth such devotion. What's the final word?

Grand Sichuan - More a question of what to order. I read about the sour string beans w/pork. I need the rest or an order for a hungry party of two. Oh, would I be comfortable with a 14 month old. (no can of worms, please)

Spanish/Cuban - Cuban sandwich. Need the one best place?

Thanks for the help. I assure you every response will be pursued and appreciated!

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    Caitlin McGrath

    NYC burritos are not worth your devotion; wait till you get to SF or LA to search for burritos. If you want to experience Mexican here, do a search on tacos, and taco trucks in particular. A lot of the burrito talk on this board is by west coasters looking to satisfy the burrito jones that (often) comes from being a Californian. They're thrilled to find a passable burrito here, because this isn't burrito country. JMO (as a Californian).

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      Chris Armstrong

      Hey, Shoeman.

      I agree with Caitlin about burritos. Instead, you should head out to Crown Heights for a Trinidadian or Guyanese Roti, which is like a Caribbean burrito. They are amazing, and can only be found in a select few cities in the U.S.

      I like Gloria's In-and-Out, which is on Nostrand Avenue and Sterling Place. You can get there by taking the 3 train to Eastern Parkway and walking north a few blocks, or if you take the 2, get off at President Street and walk about 6 or 7 blocks north. If you like spicy food, ask for it with peppers. Note: the subway ride is a little on the long side, but if you mix it in with a trip to Brooklyn Heights or Park Slope it'll take the edge off. You can also take the 4 express to Franklin Avenue and transfer to the 2/3.

      For tacos, I recently had amazing ones on 116th Street between 3rd and 2nd Avenue, on the south side of the street, at a place called Hecho en Mexico. They were Tacos de Suadero, and the meat (before it was selected, chopped up, and placed into tortillas) was swimming in a vat of boiling hot cow parts. Real good. Though, if you are from a Mexican-food-equipped city, you may wish to pursue other choices.

      As for Banh Mi, lets just wait for Aki to chime in...

      Happy eating.


      1. CUBAN SANDWICH -- The place in Chelsea on 8th ave./(near?) 20th CUBAN SANDWICH SHOP I think it's called. You can see them being made in the window. Get the "special" sandwich. It has a diner in the rear.

        BURRITOS -- Just up a block on 8th & also on the east side of the street is KITCHEN. Not only best burritos, but best chili as well by far. Take-out only.

        That's it from me. Enjoy.