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Jun 14, 2001 03:07 PM

madison sq. park chicago dogs

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Checked out the hot dog cart (SW corner of the Park, next to the taxi art installation, I love NY (you know) sticker on the front which recently arrived in this newly reno's park, as reported and pictured in the Times.

Their Chicago Hot Dog (an unfamilar genre for me so I cant comment on whether it is the genuine article) was a really tasty, fresh sandwich, carefully assembled from various pickles, relish, fresh veg, (celery salt?), mustard, etc. and a high quality natural skinned dog. Made me sit up and take notice, unlike the average dog you just suck down. The other day, Wayne referred very aptly to a vietnamese bahn mi as "a party in the mouth". This qualified, in a totally different way. Its $2.50, and they will be there through the summer.

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    According to Michael Stern on "The Spendid Table", it sounds right. In Chicago, they call it dragging the dog through the garden, I think.

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      Actually, I found out yesterday, while lunching at 11 Madison, that these dogs come straight out of that retaurant's kitchen. If I had read the Wednesday June 13 Times blurb at all carefully, I would have noticed that. The article describes the 10 toppings on the dogs, which are imported from Chicago and boiled in herb/spice infused water.
      The "dragging the dog through the garden" name sounds about right for these fresh tasting dogs.
      also check out the addictive herb and roasted garlic popcorn they sell.

    2. I tried one last week and to me it just doesn't work. I like the taste of hot dogs but this one had just too much camouflage on it. Another thing I didn't go for was all the extras were cold which just didn't help the hot tube steak.