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Jun 13, 2001 03:46 PM

Village sidewalk dining

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Would like recommendations for village/East village restaurants with sidewalk dining.

Know about Pastis (good, but a long wait), Da Silvano (also cafe next door), Cornelia St. cafe (lovely side street). Any others?

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  1. Just walking the dog around the East Village this past week and found a few spots. Le Gould Finch (5th and B), a little different, New Orleans cuisine and a funky atmosphere, which was pretty good. Also, La Vagna (5th between A and B), which is great Italian, just added some tables outside. On the West Side, Les Deux Gamin is great for breakfast and lunch, but I'm not sure if they're open for dinner. Also, Pierrot on 2nd and B has a nice outdoor patio, haven't eaten there yet though.

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      Sushi Samba on 7th Ave. South has both Sidewalk dining and a rooftop dining area on weekends. Peruvian/Japanese fusion. A bit too expensive for what it is but it's quite a hipster village scene if that's your thing.


    2. How about Papillon? They're located on 575 Hudson (between West 11th and Bank)

      There's also Caffe Rafaella (134 7th Ave between Charles and 10th st). They have excellent salads.