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Jun 13, 2001 01:14 PM

Need Sunday (ugh) B-day Dinner (possibly Japanese?)Ideas?

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This happens every few years that my Birthday falls on Father's Day. Also, we have a Graduation party (1/2 hr out of town) ending 6-ish. But we are getting free babysitting so I'm compelled to go out on That Day.
I normally love a sublime and expensive Japanese meal as a treat, but Sunday night and Fish don't always go hand in hand.
Any recommendations for fresh, late-ish Sunday night Japanese? Will travel anywhere.
Or other luxurious treat-time locales that are great and available last-minute on Sunday (esp. -ugh- Father's day?)
We'd like to keep it under $125 for 2... (OK, I know that's not luxurious to some, but for our budget it is). Thanks!

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  1. It's not Japanese but it is my reliable Sunday nighter: The Odeon, 145 W. Broadway @ Thomas Street. 212-233-0507. Have been there many Sundays and always been pleased with the quality of the food, and the warmth of the service. The seared tuna sandwich with wasabi, cooked rare, might be a worthy compromise!

    1. While these are not sushi restaurants, these are very good Japanese restaurants I think in your range.

      Honmura An (Mercer/Houston) has a range of tasting menus which might fall under your cap. Drinks will likely throw you over the cap however. Otherwise I'm sure the a la cart items will be just as good.

      Sobaya (9th St/3rd Ave) is another very good soba restaurant that will definitely deliver in your range.

      Sakagura (43rd/3rd Ave) is a sake bar that features a very traditional and interesting izakaya menu. That's almost like saying a tapas menu -- many smaller dishes meant to share. The sake list is also endless, but the waiters are very helpful with sake choices; otherwise, try the samplers.