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Jun 13, 2001 10:38 AM

Mexican in Hell's Kitchen/Times Square area

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Anyone know of any excellent mexican restaurants in the Hell's Kitchen/Times Square area? Looking for a nice sit-down place that will also have vegetarian dishes.

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  1. Try the namesake of one of those nabes, Hell's Kitchen. It's a pretty cool/classy spot on 9th betw. 46/47. They've got an interesting,loose approach to authentic Mexican and are unafraid to play around with unconventional combos. Chef used to run the kitchen at Rocking Horse in Chelsea.

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      Hell's Kitchen is good (but I think Rocking Horse is still better) Good, and pretty affordable, is Arribe Arribe, at 9th and 51st. The Crepas de Camarones are really good. This is absolutely a neighborhood place. They are not even listed in the Zagat guide, and have been around for years.