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Jun 12, 2001 08:25 PM

looking for senior prom suggestions

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hi-my senior prom is on a thursday night so it's kind of limiting what we're able to do. we were considering going into the city and maybe going to a restaurant, but since there will be about 8 of us, we're looking for someplace that will not only have good food, but will also be fun and reasonably priced. another thing that is limiting us is that we probably won't be getting to the city until around 1 am so we need someplace that will stay open late on a thursday. any suggestions would be extremely helpful. thanks!

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  1. j
    Jonathan White, cheesemaker

    Florent is a cool little place on Gansevoort Street, in the middle of the meat packing district. What was orgignally a stainless steel diner for the workers in the all-night meat industry, Florent now is owned by a French fellow named, you guessed it, Florent.

    The food is French Bistro-done-New-York, inexpensive, and the after-hours crowd at 1 AM will probably include some two- and three-star chefs, chilling over a steak frite after cooking 300 orders of foie gras for others, club-scene-posers, and an odd lot of the chic and kewl.

    The waitstaff is professional and as flamboyant as the owner: I hope you're not going to be shocked or upset if your server is a man in pearls and plaid skirt....