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Jun 12, 2001 06:09 PM


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anyone been to this new spot on greenwich st & hubert? thx in adv

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  1. c
    Charles Smith

    haven't been,
    I live very close and have waled by dozens of times and have never even seen anybody eating there- very strange.

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      1. re: sk

        I work less than a block a way, and have never been in there since it changed to a restaurant. It used to be this cavernous market (with steam tables, soda, beer, etc.) which never had any customers, though it's across the street from the Citigroup building with all its hoards of office workers. We called "the lonely deli" and thought it was really sad to see the proprietor sitting there alone, doing his accounts.

        No idea what the story is with this place, really. In theory, I should actually go and test it out. Realistically, it's too empty and scary for me to spend a full meal there.